CIRCLE offers a reliable information system for the optimization of your production processes.

CIRCLE – a well-rounded system

CIRCLE is a software that enables automatic recording and control of all relevant machine, process and product data in real time, as well as evaluating complex production processes graphically and in a tabular format. The letters of the acronym CIRCLE stand for: Control, Information, Recording, Communication, Labeling and Evaluation. On the basis of the collected information, conclusions on the efficiency of production units can be drawn and documented, for example on how to optimize machine running time. In addition, CIRCLE monitors the quality parameters of your products.

CIRCLE communicates directly with the machine control and can transfer data to connected ERP or MES systems via interfaces.

Statistics, calculations, system failures or other evaluations can be done in real time, Production and manufacturing processes can be tracked and controlled.

Thanks to improved transparency, machine downtime can be detected, transmitted to controlling instances and thus minimized.

"Machine utilization, which means Line Overall Efficiency (LOE), has increased from 73% to 85% in recent years thanks to CIRCLE. Over the same period, the failure rate has been reduced from 10% to below 3%. CIRCLE is a round thing in every way!"

Achim Merzbach - Manager Factory Engineering Philips Lighting GmbH


Even during production, CIRCLE detects deviations from defined standards and clearly indicates these. Production losses due to defects detected too late are minimized. By evaluating the data in real time, the quality and production performance is likely to increase.


Even in the basic installation, extensive visualizations such as charts, statistics and curve drawings are available. In addition, CIRCLE offers numerous interfaces for seamless integration into the corporate environment. Using the CIRCLE Open Interface, real-time evaluations can be exported to other formats such as EXCEL, XML, TXT, HTML or PDF.


CIRCLE communicates directly with the machine control and can process additional data via open interfaces, for example from a measuring and testing laboratory.


By evaluating the production data, you have the opportunity to objectively evaluate, assess and influence your production. For planning and quality assurance, new opportunities arise through sound forecasts.


The machine and system status is continuously monitored by CIRCLE. The user is informed automatically when critical conditions occur. With this information, you are able to gradually optimize the quality and quantity of your production.


Products can be automatically marked with CIRCLE. The markings, such as stickers or barcodes, make the production process of a product transparent and completely traceable.

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