CIRCLE offers a reliable information system for the optimization of your production processes.

CIRCLE acara – the new generation

CIRCLE acara is the evolution of our proven CIRCLE system – a system for monitoring, controlling and evaluating machine, process and product data in the industrial production. Our software gives you a complete overview of complex production steps at any time and evaluates your data across all production lines.

The focus is on the automated generation of reports. CIRCLE acara offers a variety of possibilities for analyzing the production data and is thus an ideal tool for quality assurance and improvement. The simplified individual reporting function is an integral part of efficient planning, control and documentation of desired production data. In case of deviations, you can react immediately and take corrective action. Several CIRCLE systems can be combined into one automated report.


With CIRCLE acara, you can create a large number of cross-production line reports, such as failure statistics, standstill time calculations for cause of stop, most frequent stop reasons, as well as machine or group-related evaluations. You select the events that are important to you and CIRCLE acara generates the reports for you.


CIRCLE acara provides a central overview of all machines (groups) and simultaneously monitors current processes in the production. This can visually simplify the complexity of your business.


By automatically informing the responsible staff about machine malfunctions, material shortages or exceeding of specified limits, the troubleshooting and maintenance of machines can be significantly improved and staff planning can be better targeted.


The modular design of CIRCLE acara can be easily adapted to the company-specific conditions of each production line. Thanks to its open communication system, it can be expanded almost anywhere and connected to a large number of existing automation systems. CIRCLE acara is web-based and is platform independent.


By evaluating productive or unproductive times, scheduled and unexpected maintenance, possibilities for production planning, maintenance and quality assurance.

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