Our interdisciplinary teams are rebuilt for each project to give you exactly the skills you need.

Our team of nearly 70 IT and Automation Engineers, including IT Project Managers, Architects, Developers, Testers, Quality Managers, Designers, Electricians and PLC Programmers, has years of practical experience, technology expertise and certified quality.

Katharina Clausohm

(Managing Director)

Michael Clausohm

(Technical Development Manager)

Carina Clausohm

(IT Project Manager)

Heiner Clausohm

(Project Manager Automation)

Simone Tiede

(Team Assistant)

Nicole Anacker

(Software Quality Assurance and Testing Management)

Frank Meissner

(IT Project Manager)

René Bandelin

(IT Project Manager)

Tom Liewert

(IT Project Manager)

Jan Jose

(IT Project Manager)

René Backasch

(IT Project Manager)

Albert Berthot

(IT Project Manager)

Matthias Bringezu

(Product Manager Automation)

Stefan Otto

(Human Resource Manager)

Kathrin Schult

(Marketing Manager)

Ruth Schönfeld