Programming and adaptation of PLC

Whether small or complex equipment systems with programmable logic control devices, you have a tool for fast and cost-effective automation processes at hand.

We offer complete solutions with control units of producers like Siemens, Beckhoff, National Instruments and Mitsubishi along with visual systems. But your specific controls are in good hands with us.

Our engineers successfully completed worldwide projects in light industry, automobile industry, building industry and chemical industry.

Our ability to adapt to different technical conditions as well as to individual requirements enables us to create highly customized, reliable and individual systems. Our expertise in this area has continuously expanded.This allows us to offer the following spectrum of services.

Competent consultancy for your automation systems
  • Requirement analysis and detailed engineering of electronic equipment for specialized machines, process machines as well as equipment in explosion endangered zones
  • Construction of control cabinets and electro-technical equipment for automation
  • Programming of control units and automation systems of producers like Siemens, Mitsubishi, National Instruments and Beckhoff
  • Integration and programming of robot control units of different brands
  • Integration of visual systems for process presentation, monitoring and control
  • Planning, installation and programming of human – machine interface
  • Integration of product information system Circle with different kinds of automation systems
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Supervision and maintenance of electrical equipment and automation systems