Our interdisciplinary teams are arranged for each project. We work hand in hand until we have accomplished our task.

Simple and direct, we take the paths that have been proven to be the fastest and best. Creativity, humor and a pinch of persistence- contribute to our success.

At Clausohm's we learn for a lifetime. Continuous further training in all areas, our close cooperation with universities and students as well evaluation and incorporation of new technologies drive us.
These are the cornerstones of our reliability, which our customers greatly appreciate.

Katharina Clausohm

Business Executive

Michael Clausohm

Technical Development Manager

Carina Clausohm

IT Project Manager

Heiner Clausohm

Workshop Manager

Teamassistentin der Clausohm-Software GmbH Michael Clausohm

Simone Tiede

Team Assistant

Nicole Anacker

Release Manager

René Bandelin

IT Project Manager

Frank Meißner

Chief IT Project Manager

Tom Liewert

IT Project Manager

Marcin Dabek

Site Manager Poland

René Backasch

IT Project Manager

Albert Berthot

IT Project Manager

Jan Jose

IT Project Manager

Stefan Otto

Human Resource Manager

Kathrin Schult

Marketing Manager