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CIRCLE acara is the newest generation of our proven CIRCLE–System – used to control, evaluate and monitor your production processes.

CIRCLE is a production information system, which has been developed in 1993 by the Clausohm-Software GmbH. In 2010 CIRCLE has been updated to CIRCLE acara, which is also available now. CIRCLE is an information processing system, to record traces and evaluate data of production processes. It is a software, that helps to improve the quality of your product by offering more possibilities for users to get easy reports on every office place. The System is very open and scalable. The system can be connected to many different systems or devices. 

Measurement stations deliver data to Active MQ and Active MQ sends data to SQL database. On office clients, many individual reports, like batches, shifts and customer reports are presented. Reports are available in different formats, like excel, word or pdf. CIRCLE can manage several measurement stations.

advantages of CIRCLE
  • Control
    During production, CIRCLE controls the process for deviations from quality standards and reports these deviations during production. Product rejects are minimized when production disturbances are detected early.
    With real-time data control product quality will preserve and will boost the production rate.
  • Information
    The Wide variety of analyzing functions like charts, statistics, curves, graphs are already contained in the basic installation. Thanks to this CIRCLE offers a great interface for integration and fitting into company field.
    Through CIRCLE Open Interface Production data can be exported into other file formats (EXCEL, XML, TXT, HTML, PDF) or linked directly to a third party application (ex. LabView). Export can be done on demand, or automatically through an integrated task manager.
  • Recording
    CIRCLE communicates directly with machine control units (ex. Siemens S5, S7, Mitsubishi) and can handle additional information above open interfaces (ex. from a measuring and test laboratory).
  • Communication
    Machine and its status are continuously monitored by CIRCLE. The user will be automatically informed if a critical status occurs. Warnings, Stops, Process deviations and in consequence all maintenance activities will be documented by CIRCLE. Having this kind of information our Clients are in good position to optimize production quality and quantity.
  • Labeling
    Products will be marked automatically by CIRCLE. Through Labeling (ex. sticker or barcode) production process becomes completely transparent for a finished product.
  • Evaluation
    Production dates estimation reveal a new possibility for the Client to objectively evaluate, estimate and effect the production.