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CIRCLE acara is the newest generation of our proven CIRCLE system – used to control, evaluate and monitor your production processes.

One focus is the automatic generation of reports (pdf, xml, etc.), thereby allowing a complete overview of every production step at any time. CIRCLE acara offers many possibilities for the analysis of production data and is an ideal tool for quality assurance and improvement. CIRCLE acara has a modular architecture and therefore it can be easily adapted to the given characteristics of every production facility. It's open and scalable communication system, can be extended and connected to almost any existing system.

CIRCLE acara is based on latest software technologies, is being developed with modern tools and uses a series of free open-source libraries. This allows for a timely and cost-effective development of customized components based on customer requirements. The CIRCLE acara system is platform independent and cross, so it can be integrated in heterogeneous computer networks.

advantages of CIRCLE acara
  • full transparency of all process operations plus machine and production statuses
  • optimization of production processes and production time
  • adaptation to company-specific requirements
  • reporting of production losses and creating failure statistics
  • automated generation of reports (EXCEL, XML, TXT, HTML, PDF)
  • monitoring and comprehensive evaluations of productive time, non productive time, planned and unplanned maintenances